This is a new Telegram site I put up, to see if Telegram is something I'd like to use. Perhaps I will make a few posts here and see how things go.

Here are my most recent blog posts:
  • HelloWorld

    April 14, 2013

    Blog Quickstart with Telegram and Github

    1. Sign up for telegram, and log in.

    2. Link telegram with your GitHub account.

    3. On GitHub, fork

    4. Add a file under _posts, name it with the date, and then title (e.g., type your post in markdown. Add a title and menu metainfo to the top of the file like this :

      title: Creating a Telegram Blog Site
      menu: HelloWorld
      ## Blog Quickstart with Telegram and Github

      Commit and push (or make the edits right on GitHub)

    5. On telegram, use the add a site hosted in github button to add a new site, pointing it to your fork.

    6. TADA!